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Every Tuesday is Super Tuesday! 20% off all products & services!! Call to book your appointment 212.750.4441

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Published on July 27, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

A Look Into Our Staff!

Gregory Krashenny began his trade in the 1980s with the Russian Olympic team, working primarily with the track & field team for over 8 years, as well as at a private hospital and health club in Moscow. Gregory made his way to the United States in 1992 where he worked at a private practice in Massachusetts. In 2001, we were fortunate enough to have Gregory join the staff of Susan Ciminelli Day Spa at our previous location in Bergdorf Goodman, and remains with us today at our new location at 120 E. 56th St.

His specialty? You name it: hot-stone massage, Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, prenatal…. NY Magazine acknowledged Gregory as “the Best of New York” & Daily Candy titled his write-up “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” He has been known to work magic with his strong hands and will make anyone leave here feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Call today to book a massage today with Gregory or any other one of our certified and established experts. 212.750.4441

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Published on July 23, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

Super Tuesday Reminder!

Tomorrow is SUPER TUESDAY! 20% off ALL services & products! Call to book your appointment 212.750.4441

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Published on July 19, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

Summer Product Special!

If you haven’t heard already, we are having a summer product special! BUY 1 GET 1 FREE of all the following: ALGAE FINE POWDER, CLEANSING MILK, CLEANING GEL, EYE & LIP MASK, & SPECIAL RESERVE. *Must be two of the same product*

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Published on July 12, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

Susan will be in California starting Wednesday!

Susan is making her way out to California tomorrow and will be there for three weeks. If you are in the Montecito or Indio area call to book an appointment with Susan. 805.695.8448 or 917.837.7933

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Published on July 12, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

Reminder: Super Tuesday Tomorrow!

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is Super Tuesday! Enjoy 20% off ALL services and products! Call to book an appointment 212.750.4441 or come by the spa to purchase some products!

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Published on July 12, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

Ways to keep hydrated during the hottest days of the year

Hello People. I hope everyone is feeling ok in this oppressive summer heat. Drinking nice cool beverages that are HOMEMADE are your best bet. Mix together organic pommegranite juice and cranberry juice and a seltzer water, add a splash of fresh lemon and lime juice. Sweeten with  just a touch of honey that you mix with warm water until it is dissolved. Put garnish with some fresh mint.  Drinking a glass or two of this every day is great for you. This drink is loaded with healing antioxidents.  Make sure that you MOSTLY consume water throughout the day though. Eat watery fruits such as any type of mellon, grapefruit, papaya, berries, peaches and nectarines. Whenever you eat a piece of fruit, have a few raw nuts such as almonds to balance out the fruit.

Try not to drink alcoholic beverages when it is really hot out.

Make sure you mist your skin during the day with our Seawater. Keep it in the refrigerator so that it can really refresh your skin.

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Published on July 7, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

A Tip on Suanas!

One of my clients asked me today: “Do you have any opinion on saunas? I have heard that regular saunas can help detoxify the skin and keep it clear; is there any truth to this?” The answer is yes, but keep in mind you have to be careful not to break your capillaries in hot temperatures. Dry brushing your skin, as outlined in my book, helps detox the skin and there are no side effects. It is safer. You can go in the sauna just be careful not to get too hot. Dry skin brushing, in which you brush your whole body with a natural-bristle body brush or loofah, stimulates the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid and helps elimante dry, flaky skin and toxins. For more detailed information on how to properly dry brush your skin, refer to page 46 in my book! And remember, do not make the suana too hot!

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Published on July 6, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

It’s Super Tuesday!

Make an appointment for today and receive 20% off any service. Also take advantage of 20% of all products as part of our Super Tuesday special! Call to book your appointment 212.750.4441 or come by the spa at 120 E. 56th St.

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Published on July 6, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli