A Tip on Suanas!

One of my clients asked me today: “Do you have any opinion on saunas? I have heard that regular saunas can help detoxify the skin and keep it clear; is there any truth to this?” The answer is yes, but keep in mind you have to be careful not to break your capillaries in hot temperatures. Dry brushing your skin, as outlined in my book, helps detox the skin and there are no side effects. It is safer. You can go in the sauna just be careful not to get too hot. Dry skin brushing, in which you brush your whole body with a natural-bristle body brush or loofah, stimulates the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid and helps elimante dry, flaky skin and toxins. For more detailed information on how to properly dry brush your skin, refer to page 46 in my book! And remember, do not make the suana too hot!

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Published on July 6, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

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