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Check out what Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger had to say about us!

Patti Stanger mentions our Lymphatic Drainage Massage as one of her healthy city picks!!

“After losing 20 pounds, Patti taped her fourth season of The Millionaire Matchmaker in NYC.  She shares her favorite healthy hotspots:”

Our Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Uses Exotic essential oils to stimulate, improve circulation, and reduce the appearance of cellulite and water retention. Helps clear a troubled complexion and is recommended before a Seaweed Body wrap. See what other services we have to help minimize the appearance of cellulite

We are also offering Power Plate Training at the Spa to get your body slim, toned, and rid of cellulite!

Power Plate® uses the principles of Acceleration Training™ to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration. These vibrations transmit waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second, enhancing overall performance in sessions as short as 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week. Power Plate® machines create instability in the human body, as with each vibration the body is forced to perform reflexive muscle actions, multiple times per second. The principle by which Power Plate® machines work lies in the law of motion. What this means is that one can improve functional force (stability, strength or power) by either applying more mass or more acceleration to the body.

The key benefits/functions of Power Plate® include:
  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Stimulates the production of collagen; creating tighter, more beautiful skin.
  • Increases muscle strength and flexibility
  • Measurable increase in bone density
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Decreases cellulite
  • Improved range of motion
  • Reduces pain and soreness for a faster recovery
  • Increased production of serotonin “the feel good neurotransmitter”
  • Decreases Cortisol levels
  • Used by numerous athletes & pro sports teams to improve flexibility & performance

Call the spa to book your appointments! 212.750.4441

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Published on October 28, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

Flu season is here early

Please remember that taking a few supplements can boost your immune system. Especially vitamin D (taken with calcium), vitamin C, 5oo mg at a time, zinc (chelated if you can find it), grapefruit seed extract,  and  colloidal silver helps as well. Whenever I feel like I am getting sick I increase my vitamin C to 1000 mg at a time and take it every 3 hours. And I make sure and avoid dairy since this adds to a mucus buildup in your system. This is NO substitute for antibiotics whenever needed. Consult your doctor as soon as you feel it coming on. Dress warm enough too. My girls who work for me in NYC keep getting sick because they are not dressing for the colder weather. Be smart!!!!  😉

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Published on October 26, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

Super Tuesday Reminder- 20% OFF

Just a friendly reminder:

Tuesdays at the spa- 20% OFF!!! Take advantage and pamper yourself; all while making your wallet happy!



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Published on October 25, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

November Special

For the Month of: November

It’s the season to carve pumpkins and decorate our houses for fall. It’s when we love to spend time in the kitchen and fill our homes with the sweet smell of apple cider and pumpkin pies. It’s also the occasion to relax before the holidays get hectic so we’d like to offer you a little treat…

To carry the theme of the holidays we are offering a sweet November special:

**Complimentary Pumpkin Prune Peel with every Aromatherapy Facial**


Pumpkin Prune Peel: An all natural organic peel which dramatically boosts skin texture and evens skin tone. Perfect for every kind of skin, the salicylic acid in pumpkin and prunes helps remove a buildup of oil in the pores brightening even the dullest complexion.

(Value of $35) 

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Rules For Better Looking Skin

1. Brush your teeth, scrape your tongue, and either use a water pick or floss before you eat or drink anything in the morning after you wake up. This removes the dangerous plaque from your mouth which can cause dangerous disease, along with pimples and break outs. An electric toothbrush is best.

2. Drink a large glass of water with juice of 1/2 a lemon to cleanse your insides before you eat your breakfast. This is like eating off of a clean plate. Your food is better digested and absorbed when it is received in a clean internal environment.

3. Chew your food very slowly so that your digestive enzymes have a chance to coat your foods for better digestion and absorption, followed by elimination. When food is properly digested it is easier to then release the waste through your colon.

4. Wash your face very well with warm water and then rinse with cool water twice a day.

5. Use a clay mask on blemishes every night to help assist the healing of blemish.

6. Drink 1/2 ounce of water for every pound that you weigh daily. For example: If you weigh 100 lbs, drink 50 ounces of water a day. 

7. Try to get monthly facials to professionally clean your pores. If this is not possible, after you wash your face, steam your pores at home with rosemary infused water and then carefully clean your pores. Refer to page 195 in “The Ciminelli Solution, a 7 Day Plan for Radiant Skin” for more at home treatments.

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Super Tuesday Reminder 20% OFF

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Super Tuesday!! 20% OFF ALL SERVICES & PRODUCTS Tuesdays at the Spa! Call to make your appointment 212.750.4441

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Susan Ciminelli “Acne Facial” Targets Troubled Skin & Acne

Introducing a new type of Facial: The Susan Ciminelli Acne Facial! Geared towards people with troubled skin & prone to acne. Specially geared for teens!

What makes this facial unique? We incorporate a special massage on the face and the abdomen which rids your body of those toxins causing you to break out.

What to expect during your Acne Facial:

  • Steps 1, 2, and 3 incorporate cleaning the face with Susan Ciminelli Cleansing Milk, Algae Deep Cleanse (made famous by J Lo) and the Bamboo Ginger Scrub.


  • Steps 4 and 5 incorporate the Susan Ciminelli lymphatic drainage massage on the face, neck, shoulders, and chest with her pure organic Oil Control and Toning Formula essential oils, Seawater, and Marine Lotion, all prized for their incredible healing and nourishing effects.


  • Step 6 is manual deep pore cleansing.


  • Step 7 is another application of the Bamboo Ginger Scrub


  • Step 8 is the application of the Sea Clay Mask infused with Oil Control Formula and Seawater


  • Step 9 is an abdominal massage during the time the mask is on  using Susan Ciminelli essential oils to stimulate the eventual release of toxins through the bowels and bladder


  • Step 10 is the removal of the mask and the final application of the essential oils, Seawater, Marine Lotion and the Power C Moisturizer.


“My approach does not dry the skin. It removes the toxins from the system through the abdominal massage, as well as the massage on the face etc. The products are meant to nourish the skin, kill bacteria and minimize excess oil production. Thus minimizing pore size and break outs.” –Susan Ciminelli

Our price: $175 for one hour. Open 7 days a week


For an appointment with Susan Ciminelli: $250

Recommended to follow up our Teen Zit Kit after your facial to maintain your new healthy looking skin! This consists of our Susan Ciminelli Cleansing Gel, Bamboo Ginger Scrub, Algae Deep Cleanse, Oil Control Formula, Seawater, and Power C Moisturizer. Teen Zit Kit Price: $300. Retail value: $405 (A savings of $105!)

For even better results inside and out, follow Susan’s book: “The Ciminelli Solution: A 7 Day Plan for Radiant Skin”.

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Published on October 15, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

Mind Body Spirit

Today I did a facial on a 30 year old woman from Rome, Italy. She had troubled skin. I thought I would be able to turn it around with this facial. Not ONE blemish came out of her pores. No matter how much I steamed her or used my natural peels and scrubs, nothing was released. I finally asked her if she is the type of person who “holds” on to her emotions and holds a grudge. I asked her if someone broke her heart that she thinks she cannot forgive and she said yes. I taught her a guided meditation to help her release her anger and pain. And while her mask is on, I put a crystal layout on her chakra’s to help lighten her vibration, remove the negative energy and infuse her with divine love. She felt such a lightness of being when we were finished. I hope that she knows that this is the first day of the rest of her life without that anger and hatred. 

If anyone has issues like this and is wondering why they cannot have beautiful skin, please email me. I can teach guided meditation and help you help yourself. This will bring love, joy, peace and beauty to your life.

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Published on October 15, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

How a haircut can make you feel young and sexy

Hi Girls, Sandra just cut my hair and took not only inches off my hair, but took years off my appearance as well. I look like I had a ‘lift’…….. She is awesome. If anyone is looking for precision AND style, Sandra is your girl.

Call 212 750 4441 and get your buns in her chair. You won’t be sorry. I feel and look so much better. xoxoxox

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Introducing Sandra Yu: International Hair Stylist @ Susan Ciminelli Spa & Salon!

With an international reputation as one of the top hairdresser and beauty educators in the world, Sandra Yu remains committed to innovation and perfection for her clients and students. Having served as the Artistic Director for 7 years for the professional hair care line, RUSK, With a passion to conceptualize and execute dynamic new styles and haircutting techniques, Yu’s abilities have allowed her to leave an indelible mark on the beauty industry.

A native of Macau, Yu has lived in New York City most of her life. She studied at the High School of Art and Design in New York City before venturing into a career in the hair industry. A true professional and perfectionist, Yu credits all of her training to her mentor, Irvine Rusk, founder of the RUSK hair care line. With her work as Artistic Director for the RUSK Creative Team, Yu has influenced and inspired hairstylists around the world with her ability to share her creative vision and technical skills. She has created unique runway looks with top and up-and-coming creative fashion designers for Fashion Week in New York City and Miami.


With a keen eye for color and shapes, Yu has a natural talent to create “the look” for any individual, male or female. She has what it takes to keep an audience involved: high energy, an excellent command of color, cutting and styling techniques, and the magical ability to visually and verbally showcase design concepts into an easy-to-comprehend presentation.

Receiving many accolades and awards, Sandra was a finalist for the “International Stylist Award”. Her work is uniquely outstanding and has been published in many national magazines such as InStyle Magazine, Hairworld International, Modern Salon, Launchpad, Style Source, People Magazine, and Life & Style Weekly to name a few.

Sandra has also designed hair during NYC Fashion Week! Designers include:

Nicky Hilton
Mara hoffman
Alexander Hercovitch
Kai Kuhne
Grey Ant
Morphine Generation
Obedient Son

Check out Sandra’s most recent write up!


Call to book your appointment/consultation with Sandra today! 212.750.4441 

Additional Contact info for Sandra Yu –

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