Introducing Sandra Yu: International Hair Stylist @ Susan Ciminelli Spa & Salon!

With an international reputation as one of the top hairdresser and beauty educators in the world, Sandra Yu remains committed to innovation and perfection for her clients and students. Having served as the Artistic Director for 7 years for the professional hair care line, RUSK, With a passion to conceptualize and execute dynamic new styles and haircutting techniques, Yu’s abilities have allowed her to leave an indelible mark on the beauty industry.

A native of Macau, Yu has lived in New York City most of her life. She studied at the High School of Art and Design in New York City before venturing into a career in the hair industry. A true professional and perfectionist, Yu credits all of her training to her mentor, Irvine Rusk, founder of the RUSK hair care line. With her work as Artistic Director for the RUSK Creative Team, Yu has influenced and inspired hairstylists around the world with her ability to share her creative vision and technical skills. She has created unique runway looks with top and up-and-coming creative fashion designers for Fashion Week in New York City and Miami.


With a keen eye for color and shapes, Yu has a natural talent to create “the look” for any individual, male or female. She has what it takes to keep an audience involved: high energy, an excellent command of color, cutting and styling techniques, and the magical ability to visually and verbally showcase design concepts into an easy-to-comprehend presentation.

Receiving many accolades and awards, Sandra was a finalist for the “International Stylist Award”. Her work is uniquely outstanding and has been published in many national magazines such as InStyle Magazine, Hairworld International, Modern Salon, Launchpad, Style Source, People Magazine, and Life & Style Weekly to name a few.

Sandra has also designed hair during NYC Fashion Week! Designers include:

Nicky Hilton
Mara hoffman
Alexander Hercovitch
Kai Kuhne
Grey Ant
Morphine Generation
Obedient Son

Check out Sandra’s most recent write up!


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Published on October 12, 2010 by Susan Ciminelli

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