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Very Berry Antioxidant Serum to the rescue

One of my clients really damaged her skin with harsh chemicals and overly aggressive laser. She was bone dry the last time I saw her in January. I am so pleased to say that her skin felt so soft and moist. She was radiant. I asked her what she had been doing differently and she made it clear that it was the addition of the Very  Berry Antioxidant Serum to her daily routine.  Anyone out there suffering from overly dry skin from services such as very aggressive laser or chemical peels this is the answer to your prayers. Just apply it twice daily right before your moisturizer. Look at the ingredients and eat what is in it. Find the darkest berries and add them to your daily diet. Pour them over oatmeal, yogurt or just eat them on their own. Seaweed eaten on a daily basis will also help repair your skin from the inside out.

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Published on February 23, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

Party Hardy!!!

Thursday night we had a party at the spa to launch our new VERY BERRY ANTIOXIDANT SERUM. Since the product is full of the richest antioxidants on the planet, we wanted to carry that theme across in to the food. I did almost all of the cooking for the party. It was so much fun. We served a fruity wonderful Prosecco with a mixed berry puree, Opus One red wine as well as others from the Alexander Valley region of CA. For the food, I made a few recipes from Deb Shrivers new book on New Orleans.  The crab dip was superb and the dessert from her book was mixed berry short cake with fresh baked biscuts and ginger whipped cream.  I also baked chocolate gingerbread pumpkin muffins with a mixed berry frosting. Sounds complicated but is pleasantly delicate and mildly refreshing. I made pizzettes with all organic ingredients as well. We served shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon with fresh dips as well. I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, when the crowds left, we turned up the volume and danced our butts off to Katie Perry (my favorite) and Lady Gaga. I could not walk the next day!!! It was so much fun and delicious too!!! Wish you all could have been there.

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Published on February 21, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

Valentine’s Day Special!

Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone! We are offering a unique special here at the spa today. You personalize your own package!

Spend the day getting ready for the night with your loved one, or take your girlfriends out for the ultimate spa day!

Create your own day of endless pampering:


THREE treatments for $175
treatments for $250
FIVE treatments for $350


Susan Ciminelli Day Spa & Salon , 120 East 56th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10022, USA


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Published on February 14, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

Diet soda is bad for your health, Duhhhh

I am glad that everyone is finally realizing that you cannot drink something that is totally artificial. You are a human being and that is an honor!! Treat yourself well!!! Your body will reward you for it. If you want the fizz  either use  Perrier or seltzer water and add a flavoring such as:  cranberry extract,  orange rind and juice, lemon/lime juice, or  real ginger.  To sweeten it use real agave nectar, maple syrup or honey. Experiment. You can be creative with it. You will love the difference in your skin, health, cellulite, and your moods as well.

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Published on February 11, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

Nerves can make you sick

One of my sweet clients who has been with me for over 20 years has suffered from a very stressful situation this year. She was always really thin (lucky girl) but she lost 20 pounds due to stress. I told her to add avocado and a banana to her blender drink in the morning. Her weight is coming back on and she has just gained 10 pounds back. Her skin looks so much better and her wrinkles are much less pronounced. Her elasticity has improved  quite a bit as well. I am so happy for her. Even her hair has more luster.

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Published on February 3, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

Staying healthy this winter

Hi People. Hope everyone is well. Here is a tips for staying healthy this winter. Try to ‘juice’ as much as you can. A good juice this time of year should have root veggies in it as well as above ground veggies. And always a one inch piece of ginger. My favorite juice this time of year is ginger, beet, carrot, celery, kale, wheat grass and an apple. It is D licious. You will love it. And it will help your immune system. Drink up. Your skin will love it too!!!! Please pray for the people of Egypt!!! Very important to send love and light to that part of the world. No judgement, just love and light. Thank you and lots of love to all!!! SC

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Published on February 3, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli