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Love being in LA

Well, we made it safe and sound. It is so good to be here. My only complaint is that I cannot find good fresh fish anywhere in this town. Does anyone have any suggestions? Don’t say Whole Foods because their fish is not fresh. It smells really bad and looks so very old. I am spoiled. I know it. But I think fresh food is really important and everyone should be able to have the right to it.    H E L P!!!!

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Published on June 23, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

We are offering 3 different peels at the spa that give immediate results

For years I have been working on peels that won’t break down the skin and thin it out. We finally have them at the spa. They are divine. The first peel that you would get is called nu peel. It has malic acid, lactic acid and citric acid in it. The second strength is 20% glycolic and the 3rd is 33% glycolic. Each peel is offered ONLY WITH THE ADDITION OF OUR OXYMIST SPRAY.

Our Oxymist spray has a blend of micronized vitamin E and 2 different amino acid complex’s that rebuild the collagen in the skin. They actually thicken your collagen. The peels are so fantastic they even minimize your pores as well as brighten your complexion. Our clients are LOVING this. As always, a suncreen must be used daily, especially right after a peel. Come in on Super Tuesdays and experience this. You won’t be sorry.

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Published on June 17, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

Cal-Mag capsules

A client emailed a great question to me. She really wants help making her skin look younger from the inside out and does not want to even consider having plastic surgery. She wanted my advice for the best course of action for vitamins, food and our skin care treatments at the spa in NYC.  And especially wanted to know about our Cal-Mag capsules, how many to take and what the difference was between our pills and a cal-mag vitamin.  I told her  the Susan Ciminelli Cal-Mag capsules are 100 % seaweed. 2 different types in fact. One type really helps with slimming and the other is great as a water regulator in the body. (gets rid of water retention)  Seaweed is a super food that is very high in calcium, magnesium and a host of other minerals and trace elements that  get absorbed more easily in to the system. Because seaweed is a whole food, the body absorbs it so much easier that a ‘vitamin’ pill. You should take 3  3 times a day with or without food. It helps prevent osteoporosis, osteopinosis and wrinkles as well.

I can always tell when I work on a client if she has issues with low levels of calcium. Their skin is rather thin and crinkly. Using our seawater spray a couple of time a day helps infuse minerals deeply in to the skin, especially when it is followed with marine lotion. Eating kale, spinach, watercress, and other dark green leafy vegetables really helps make your skin beautiful and your whole immune system work more efficiently. You even sleep better.

I hope this information is helpful.  oxxoxo

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Published on June 16, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

Lali will be working Super Tuesdays at our Manhattan location

Finally Lali, one of my busiest facialists, and fantastic brow shaping artists will be working Super Tuesdays at our 120 East 56 Street location. Now her schedule will be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Her hot hands and deft touch make her the perfect facialist. She has a heart of gold.

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Published on June 14, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

I am coming back to Los Angeles on June 21st for 3 weeks to perform facials, Reiki, lymphatic drainage massage and reflexology

Hello Lovely West Coast ladies. If anyone would like to have treatments with me while I am working in my new Wilshire Blvd private sanctuary, please email me directly or call (212) 750-4441.

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Published on June 14, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

A beautiful young client lost 2 cousins to suicide in a matter of months

The other day I worked on a beautiful young spirit. She came in for reflexology with me. I put my crystals on her and taught her a mantra to repeat while I was working on her so that she would bring in a higher power to help her heal. While she was on the table she started to cry. She told me that within months, 2 of her cousins worlds apart (she is from the Philippines) had committed suicide. This client is only 16 years old and already she is dealing with such strong and powerful life lessons. She was so deeply saddened.

This treatment put light and life back in to her eyes. She felt so much better when she left  the spa. Since then she came  back for another treatment only to report how much better she feels about life etc. I am so proud of her. I am grateful that she came to me. I wish more young people would come to me so that I can inspire them to deal with their tough lessons in life in a very positive way.

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Published on June 14, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

Sun spot lasered

Karen Blass, our laser tech, blasted a stubborn sun spot on my left cheek 4 days before a very important weekend last week. I had to go to a black tie wedding and all of the functions pre and post wedding. I had no choice because THIS weekend I have a very important business speaking engagement in western NY at our new account, Chez Ann Salon and Spa and my skin will be scrutinized by many women looking for faults. Karen instructed me to keep the brown scab very hydrated. I applied copious amounts of my skin care products and by friday night, the brown scab fell off allowing a simple Susan Ciminelli under eye concealer hid the slight discoloration. I was thrilled and surprised that I healed so quickly. If anyone needs information and or help with this type of beauty issue, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Published on June 1, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli