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I am working in Greenwich October 6th

Hi Everyone. I am working in Dr Gordon’s office on thursday October 6th. If anyone needs products, a facial or lymphatic drainage massage of reflexology, please let me know. I still have a few openings. Thank YOU!!!

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Published on September 30, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

Giselle, our wonderful colorist is going to be on Martha Stewart radio tomorrow

I am so proud of her. She is one of the best colorists on the planet!!!!! xoxo

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Published on September 20, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

Eleanor Mondale’s passing

I feel so badly for her family. I had the pleasure of working with her for a special on CBS years ago in Los Angeles. We became friends and saw each other from time to time in New York city. She was a wonderful gutsy woman with beauty and brains. We had good times together. She loved life and as a very funny generous person. I am sure she will be truly missed. At least she is not suffering anymore. God rest her beautiful soul.

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Published on September 20, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

Rashes on the face and body

Hello Everyone. I hope all is well. One of my beautiful clients came in for a facial today. She was complaining about a rash she has on her eye lids and other places on her body. She also told me she has been crying a lot because she is going through something right now that is painful. They eye lids reflect the liver area and the liver area of the body is where we hold anger. I gave her a visualization to help her release her negative emotions, gave her a crystal healing and a lymphatic drainage massage to help her from head to toe. She feels so much better and completely understands my way of dealing with ‘skin stress issues’. I hope this helps you understand body, mind and spirit.

If anyone has issues with their skin that are illusive and not obvious, please reach out to me. I can help you help yourself, even if you cannot come in for treatments in person.

Sending you all my LOVE

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Published on September 13, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli

9/11 coming up ;(

Hello Everyone. I hope all is well with you. As everyone knows, the anniversary of 9/11 is upon us.  I was in NY when it happened. I was in my bathtub watching the Today’s show when I saw the footage starting 10 minutes before the 2nd plane went in to the 2nd building. I could not believe my eyes. It tore my heart out. Worst than anything I had experienced in my life. And I have experienced a lot. Brutal violent crimes, child abuse, discrimination, bla bla bla. BUT, this crime against humanity was far worse. One of my beautiful Russian workers was on the subway when it happened. Her train was mostly underground. All of a sudden, when they were above ground going across the bridge to lower Manhattan she noticed that everyone was fixated on something occurring out of the windows on the left side of the train.  She turned to see what it was. The second plane was slamming the 2nd tower. She came to work anyway. Our spa was in Bergdorf Goodman at that time. Bergdorf’s was great. They took care of everyone that day who could not make it back home. I stayed in bed in the fetal position and cried for days. I could not stop crying. The pain was so deep. I did take comfort in watching the news. I noticed that this was the first time that there was no democrate, independant or Republican. We were all Americans. It felt good to be galvanized even if it was in pain and sorrow. We lost a lot of clients who were friends as well. I am sending all of my love to everyone who lost someone in this terrible tragety. My prayer is that we all love each other and see the good in one another. Living any differently sadly drains your life force energy down to dangerous levels. It is my belief that these levels as were disease may be born. Just something to think about. More on this later.

Thank you for everything and I wish all the best for you. Give someone a hug that you would not have thought to hug. All that we give we give to ourselves.  ( learned that in India)    😉  xoxo

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Published on September 7, 2011 by Susan Ciminelli