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Baking Gluten Free

Hello People, for those of you who follow me, you know I have lost over 60 pounds in the last year. I don’t want to ever ever gain it back. ;( However, I still am a foodie, and love so much to cook and bake for my husband and anyone else who is interested in eating my food. I love to entertain and do it as much as I have time for. Yesterday I baked for the first time Pizzelles (the Italian thin delicate cookie) with Gluten Free flour for my nephew and husband. They were DELICIOUS. I was afraid they would not come out good but they were perfect. Crisp, slightly sweet, crunchy and delicious. If anyone wants the recipe, let me know. This is the second time I am baking with gluten free flour for company. Weeks ago, I baked my famous coffee cake with gluten free flour as well. It came out light with the perfect crumb. The flavor was as good as it always is. Try gluten free products whenever possible. They are better for you than regular baked goods. You will avoid bloat and even rosacia as well.

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Published on June 25, 2012 by Susan Ciminelli

Good Colon health is a life long journey

Hi People. So many of my older clients are suffering from diseases in their colon that could have been avoided had they eaten more roughage when they were younger. Even my own Mother is suffering from this. I think back on her life and remember her diet. She ate anything BUT what she should have been eating. She ate sweets, pastries, canned foods, meat, dairy but no veggies, whole grains or fiber. Now it is too late for her to turn it around. She is having 6 inches of her colon removed. Please learn lessons from other people’s mistakes. Let’s get back to nature. Eat roughage 3 times a day, fruits, seeds, nuts, lean protein, drink plenty of water. It pays off not only in health but in beauty too. xoxoxo

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Published on June 22, 2012 by Susan Ciminelli

Happy Fathers Day

To all of you GREAT Dad’s out there keep up the good work! Today I choose to remember the best memories of my childhood with my Dad. He was my hero snd my first love!! He is a great teacher still to this day!! If you have unresolved issues with your kids send them love and light in your mind. It helps break down the barriers that might have kept you apart. Love is an energy that is tangible. Have a wonderful day filled with love and light. xoox

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Published on June 17, 2012 by Susan Ciminelli

Government IS way too big as it is, but someone or something has to wake us up!!!

HI Everyone. I don’t want the government telling me what to do either. I think government is way too big as it is. BUT, I don’t get why people are still making choices that they know will or could lead to diabetes, cancer, strokes etc. When I was younger I used to get sick often from stress and working 6 days a week, very long hours etc. a friend sent me to a western medical doctor who only practiced Chinese acupuncture. He begged me to start cooking for myself in order to have more control over the quality of what I ate. I gave him hell and every excuse I could come up with NOT to do it. I had NO time I would say. When I finally did start eating at home I started with a simple breakfast. Before long, I was feeling SO good and amazing, I had more energy and was able to add on dinner as well. I turned my life around. NOW, I eat almost every meal either at home whenever possible. This doctor’s advice changed my life!!! I am forever grateful he did NOT let up on me. I really understand the connection between healthy choices and my health and well being. This is why I wrote my book. I want to pass it on. Lots of love to you!! xoxoxox

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Published on June 16, 2012 by Susan Ciminelli

Thank you Mayor Bloomberg

I know most people are upset with Mayor Bloomberg for not allowing vendors to sell huge sizes of soda in NYC. If I were mayor, I would not allow it at all. As a skin care specialist, the women that I work on that drink soda, diet or regular, are prematurely aging very rapidly. Their skin is dry, brittle and dull. They are flaky and have ruddy complexions. They become dificient in calcium. When a body is dificient in one mineral, it is dificient in all. It is a domino effect. Obesity and diabetes is bankrupting our once great nation. It is too bad that our government has to get involved BUT, we rely on the government for our health care unfortunately, so they have a right to have a say. Wake up people and look in the mirror. If you don’t want the government butting in to your personal space, make better choices. You are bringing the whole nation down. Even Bill Clinton, God bless him, agrees with the mayor. He had to learn the hard way to finally wake up and change his life. He is almost a complete vegetarian now and he looks amazing. I hope he lives another 50 years.

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Published on June 1, 2012 by Susan Ciminelli