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Are you depressed?



My doctor Gary Ross taught me that when your thyroid is out of balance, depression occurs. In fact he wrote a great book about it called “Depression and Your Thyroid: What You Need To Know”. I just gave a lovely woman Reiki in my beauty clinic in Manhattan who is teetering on depression. She sought me out because her daughter in law told her how I use crystals on people during my facial treatments and it is a life altering experience.

I think women should have their thyroids checked periodically to make sure their levels are what they should be. Especially if they are getting depressed, losing their hair, have a scratchy voice or have low energy. Your thyroid is one of the most important organs and needs to be nurtured.

I asked my client to see her doctor, and also to do a few yoga poses. You must go to a good doctor who really understands the thyroid and how to read the tests. Namely the rabbit pose held for 1 1/2 minutes at a time, with a few minutes rest in between, and also head stands (resting against the wall with their feet) Both of these poses are extremely good for the thyroid. I also had her purchase my Algae Fine Powder Bath which really helps to make people feel energized as well as deeply relaxed. If anyone has any questions and wants to contact me please call 212 750 4441. Be well.



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Published on October 30, 2014 by Susan Ciminelli