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Seven Ways to Combat Aging

Do you wish to have younger looking skin? There are some things you can’t control such as genetics or falling levels of estrogen leading to sagging skin. The is good news is there are many external influences that determine how your skin will age — the right anti-aging care can help slow down the aging process. Heres 7 Ways To Combat Aging by skin expert Susan Ciminielli.


1. Eat foods with a low glycemic index

Foods with a low glycemic index include fruits and vegetables, both above ground and below ground (organic), nuts, seeds, lean protein, legumes, onions, garlic, fresh and dried herbs. Food is medicine, preventive medicine, what we eat becomes a part of us on a cellular level. You should also be eating foods with high vibration energy and nutrients; this includes organic nuts, fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs.

2. Hydrate your body

Add fresh lemon juice to water a few times a day (about 2 teaspoons per 8 ounce glass). Drinking lemon water helps to keep the skin glowing, aids in digestion and can help you lose weight. Coconut water is also a great choice. Not only is coconut water the ultimate thirst quencher, but its also rich in antioxidants, helps to facilitate digestion, and reduces blood pressure. Make sure to rinse your mouth after drinking either of these concoctions to protect your teeth.
* If you have inflammation in your body due to your diet and lifestyle, adding 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar a few times per week can help alleviate symptoms.

3. Move your body

Yoga, walking, Pilates, and weight training all help build muscle and eliminate fat. Sedentary lifestyles lead to health problems due to lack of circulation in your system. Lack of physical activity can be a risk factor for high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease, obesity, osteoporosis, etc.

4. Use a great skin care line

Invest in a natural skincare line that has products filled with essential oils, vitamins and nutrients from land and sea. Each of these key components helps to nourish the skin. This is also how you get the glow from the outside, your skin will be luminous and your pores refined.

5. Sleep

Sleep is very important, eight hours is very beneficial. Deep breathing and long slow and steady breaths help relax your nervous system and ease you into sleep. The body repairs itself during sleep, however when sleep is interrupted the body is not able to do so. Lack of sleep has a negative effect on many of our day to day functions, including our concentration level and decision making process.

6. Meditation

Meditation is medicine for your body, mind and soul. The health benefits are staggering. It is a legal high unlike no other. Meditating can help to reduce stress, increases happiness, slows down aging, benefits cardiovascular and immune health, and more.

7. Have gratitude in your life

If you are truly grateful for everything in your life, the good, the bad, and the ugly, you can change your fate.

About Susan Ciminelli

Susan Ciminelli turned her own skin and health around & has devoted her life to teaching and helping others to achieve outer radiance through inner peace. Susan has traveled the world cultivating treatments to help A-lister’s like Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, & Cindy Crawford achieve the “Ciminelli Glow,” as dubbed by The New York Times.

Susan has cultivated a following over the decades in the beauty industry. From her modest beginnings working out of her own apartment on the Upper East Side to her speedy rise to the Bergdorf Goodman penthouse. A published author, Susan lives a bi-coastal lifestyle to accommodate her large following of clients from all over the world, working from her Beauty Clinic in NYC, considered New York’s Best Day Spa, & Private Sanctuary in LA.

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Published on May 19, 2016 by Susan Ciminelli