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How to Ensure Beauty Sleep


The world has been more frightening than ever for us lately, causing us to be weighed down by stress and anxiety that can affect even the smallest daily routines, such as sleep, but we must not forget just how significant getting our 8 hours is and there are ways to accomplish this, even when we have a million thoughts racing through our minds. One of the most vital steps in order to fall asleep is to de-stress, in other words calm the mind and body. A great way to do this is by using one of the oldest tricks in the game taking a bath, but not just any old, ordinary bubble bath, by adding in two tablespoons of Susan Ciminelli’s Calming Bath and soaking in this for 30-45 minutes, harmful toxins that produce stress will be released from the body. The special blend of essential oils and seaweed will help you deeply relax and rid the body of harsh toxins, allowing it to calm and recover. Once you are calm and relaxed after your bath and ready to get into bed, if you still feel your body is not ready to fall into a slumber then another great, natural tip to ensure beauty sleep is by taking a melatonin pill. Since our bodies already produce melatonin (which will induce sleep because this hormone maintains our circadian rhythm) it is considered a natural sleep aid. Studies show health benefits to melatonin include, but are not limited to, strengthening the immune system, stress and anxiety reduction, pain relief, etc.

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Published on October 3, 2017 by Susan Ciminelli

The Lovely Essence of Lavender

42610800 - sunset over a violet lavender field in provence, france

Lavender, a popular essential oil since ancient times, derived from the Latin word Lavare, meaning to wash. Lavender oil comes from lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), an easy-to-grow, evergreen shrub that produces clumps of beautiful, scented flowers above green or silvery-gray foliage. The aroma of this essential oil does exactly that, it has a very clean and calming scent that lingers making one feel rather refreshed after the first inhale.

Lavender oil is used in many different products from cleaning solutions, home essentials (candles, diffusers), skincare products, etc. In this post, we will enlighten you on the benefits of Lavender oil when it is applied topically and as a popular ingredient in skin care products.

It is by far one of the most beneficial oils in treating acne. Acne can be defined as red sores that develop due to bacterial infection near the sebum gland. What is the Sebum gland? I’m glad you asked. Sebum is a naturally occurring substance that moisturizes, lubricates and protects the skin and hair. Explained by, The Science of Acne, its a complex mixture of naturally produced fats, oils, waxes, cholesterol and other molecules. When sebum cannot release itself, it begins to build up. Individuals with acne symptoms are often linked with having sebum overproduction. This can increase clogged pores, stimulate inflammation, and provide nutrients for bacterial growth. A vicious cycle begins to occur while the bacteria feed off of the sebum causing irritation, infections, and blemishes that all result in scarring. This is where Lavender Oil comes to the rescue, natures antioxidant super hero as Dr. Axe would say. It contains properties that are antibacterial and anti-fungal which is one of the reasons it is beneficial to skin. A study, published in Journal of Medical Microbiology, found that lavender oil kills fungi by damaging their cell walls. The best part is that this oil does not cause resistance, unlike antibiotics. Lavender oil restrains bacteria that causes the initial infections, manipulates hormones by regulating amount of sebum being released, and can minimize scarring left from acne. It can treat various skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, and other inflammatory conditions.

Other benefits of Lavender Oil:

  • Cancer
  • Nervous system
  • Pain relief
  • Hair care
  • Insomnia
  • Improves digestion and blood circulation

Only the finest natural botanical’s from the earth and oceans including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are integrated into Susan’s cleansers, blends of pure essential oils, toner, serums, moisturizers, and facial masks. Here at Susan Ciminelli, the products containing lavender oil are Cleansing Milk, Bamboo Ginger Scrub, Sensitive Skin Formula, Very Berry Antioxidant Serum, Eye and Wrinkle Cream, Toning Bath and Body Buff.


  • Dr. Axe
  • The Science of Acne
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Exclusive Q&A with Susan Ciminelli

Q: How do you explain whats going on internally with someone, you have a girl who has pimples all over her cheeks, her chin, her forehead as opposed to a girl that just has pimples, you know, here and there. How do you explain whats going on inside of them?

A: Thats a really great question. Thats something I learned at a very early age there is somebody I was reading all of his books as much as I could when I was younger. His name is Edgar Casey and he believed that diseases started internally and he taught me the importance of having a clean colon. You know our large intestine. So when I got into the business I realized that people who had an impacted colon were impacted all the time, all of the garbage that it was accumulating in their system would leech into their blood stream in their lymphatic system and it would come out through their pores.

So your body uses FOUR different organs to push garbage and waste out of. Your lungs for gasses waste,bladder for liquid waste, colon for solid waste, and thenpores. Their considered an Orpheus or a whole or an opening and every opening that your body has, you know your ear wax comes out, eye gook comes out, nose excess mucus comes out, pores release sweat and pimples! So it all depends number 1 where the break out is, what it means, but number 2 your general question about what happens when a somebodies broken up all over their face, they are really polluted inside.

Lets imagine that in your house you have a gigantic garbage can and all of your rooms in your house need to be emptied, you need to empty the garbage from each room into that big receptacle. The big receptacle is filled to the top but you keep trying to add garbage to it. So what happens? The Garbage spills all over and when it spills all over it leeches into your blood stream in your lymphatic fluid and thats when somebody breaks out. The way God made us, it was so ingenious because your skin doesnt lie it always teaches you what happens internally, so the bottom line is if youre breaking out all over, all the time or even with pimples popping up here and there occasionally always check the colon first. You need to increase your fiber, which would be in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables, bran type crackers that are almost like eating sawdust, short grain brown rice as opposed to white rice which can clog you.

Q: So you would suggest brown rice?

A: Short grain is the best, yes brown rice but short grain is the best. But fiber is really good for you and people should look up the best forms of fiber that resonates to their taste buds and their palette because fiber acts like the scrub brush, right? But you also need liquids and people dont realize how much water they need to drink. For every pound that you weigh you need to drink a half of ounce of water per pound. And when youre eating fiber and drinking the right amount of water throughout the day what happens is the fiber will expand in your gut and act like a brush and clean out your colon. There also some really good very gentle colon cleansing herbs and herbal concoctions. My favorite is super cleanse by Natures Secret and because of my problem, and by the way my colon was problematic from the time I was a little girl and thats what got me into the business because I was impacted. I could not go to the bathroom. And so as an adult when I started to read Edgar Caseys book and learn how to detox the colon very gently. I discovered these pills and I started out taking 3 every night with a glass of water right before bed and within a couple days when I would wake up in the morning I started really cleaning out my colon, it was great. I felt much better, much lighter, and I had more energy. My pores were smaller and my little pimples went away.

Once I was able to evacuate my colon the right way then I started taking probiotics. I really experimented and probiotics are the friendly bacteria that when theyre in your gut they help to keep breaking down your food so that your body could release it. The best one, after years of experimenting with the pill form, that worked for me the best was liquid acidophilus and the brand that I like the most is called LifeTime, and the flavor I personally like the most is blueberry. And I like the one thats actually made from dairy but if somebody is lactose intolerant of course they also make it where dairy is not the source of it. Once that friendly bacteria, that mantle is corrected within your body and your colon, your gut, and then your body will be more regulated and your other organs like your liver, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, and all the other organs can then dump their waste into the blood stream and the blood stream can deposit it into the colon, thats whats happening. As soon as somebody is broken out when I do facials on them those are the first questions I ask them. How regularly do you go to the bathroom? I even ask them how big is it? Because you have to go at least 18 inches twice a day.

Q: Really?

A: Yep, that is a goal people should aspire to because what stays behind in your colon solidifies and it turns into like a black tar and that black tar is very difficult to remove I kid you not, you should google it!

Q: If you could see my face right now, Im like disgusted (laughs). Thats really interesting to know, so when they come to you, you see their face and you can immediately kind of tell what it is that is wrong with them? Where its coming from?

A: Exactly, depending on where they break out, even the type of break out they have. If they have a very fatty breakout you know like, oily pimples, there are different types of pimples. Some are infectious, some are just trapped oils and fats. Like for instance, if people eat too much dairy, theyll get these white heads called Melia. That means that their bodies not able to break down dairy they should back off, they really dont want to back off they should switch from Cows milk cheese to Goats milk cheese and sheeps milk cheese because its much easier to break that protein chain down than it is cows milk cheese. Its very difficult for humans to break it down. So I always encourage that person who has melia to eat radishes because radishes help to get rid of that excess protein in the body from the dairy that they cannot absorb and eliminate through their colon so its coming out there pores. Does that make sense?

Q: It does. So speaking of breakouts, when I was younger my mom would actually tell me and my sister to put toothpaste on our pimples, is that something that you would suggest doing or how do you prevent breakouts?

A: Ok. Preventing breakouts comes from cleaning the colon, I dont know why youre mom told you that but I respect her but the thing is in todays day in age were using clay. We use sea clay, we use camphor plus clay, and we use camphor, zinc, and clay altogether because clay has the tendency to absorb and itll also increase the circulation. When the circulation is increased that means that blood is going to come to that area and the blood carries nutrients and takes away toxic waste. So when you treat a pimple externally with our sea clay mask or our pore minimizing mask, itll speed up the time frame for the pimple to heal. Itll heal much more rapidly, does that makes sense?

Q: It does make sense, so being that its colder with the winter climate right now, a lot of our skin is flaky, and our lips are cracking. How do we prevent that from happening?

A: How do you prevent that kind of dryness? I developed a system early on where its not just cleanser, toner, and moisturizer like other cosmetic companies did. Years ago I discovered the healing benefits of the sea and also from essential oils. Theyre very powerful and they go back thousands of years. Cleopatra used them, the Chinese used them, and ancient Chinese used them. They carry a power like acupuncture does when you use them on the body. They move energy through your body, they increase your circulation, they help kill bacteria, and they also nourish the skin. So my skincare products are set up in such a way where when youre going through winter, our clients do not have that problem because theyre cleansing without stripping their skin. We have a great cleansing system that doesnt strip the skin and then instead of going right to a moisturizer, we have this 3-step process in between where youre using essential oils to hydrate your skin, Marine Lotion which is like a serum which is very powerful, its based with Algae, and then you spray yourself with Seawater which helps these 3 things together deeply penetrate the skin. And then when youre wet from these 3 things you put your moisturizer on and you put it on all over your face, your neck, your dcollet, and you do it around your mouth as well and I guarantee you youll breeze through winter without a problem, you wont be peeling, you wont have that roughness because I grew up in Buffalo, NY and the winters were bitter, very, very bad. I was a vain tomboy, I was always outside playing with my 4 brothers and I was just like a boy, and so if they could do I it, I could do it. My skin would be so raw and I was always on a quest to heal it. How can I make this go away because it was so uncomfortable and my mom never knew what to do and because my job was doing the dishes all the time and I was always interacting with food I discovered the healing benefits when food touches your skin, what it does to you. So I would coat my face with olive oil.

Q: So when, well at least for millenials, when should we start getting facials?

A: Ok, thats a really good question. It all depends on what your skin is going through. So in my opinion you can start getting facials as a teenager.I think it just depends on what your skin looks like. How often you should get a facial? Typically women get facials every 4 weeks, with the economy being what it is, women stopped getting facials as often and now they stretch to every 6 to 7 weeks but that being said I just came up with a new kit. Its called 123 glow, and it is a do-it-yourself facial kit that you can use at home and the first. Its really cool and its very inexpensive, its $29.99 and its a way for you to care for yourself at home if you cant make it to the spa.

Q: Oh great, that was going to be next my question.

A: Yup, this is what you do. So this kit, it starts, you have to put it on a clean skin and then you take the 1st vile that you open up, its a peel, but its very gentle. It wont turn your skin pink yet alone red, it will not burn you at all its very gentle. Its made from lactic acid. So you put that all over your face, neck, all around your mouth, all around your nose, everywhere youre breaking out. Then you open up the 2ndvile, after a couple of minutes its the next step, which is organic hyaluronic acid and this acid will replenish the moisture that was in your tissue when you were a little girl and as we age the amount of hyaluronic acid naturally leaves the cells. So this replenishes that, you reserve one quarter of the vile for the afterwards, for the very end. Right on top of these two viles that are on your skin right now the 3rd step is a packet of this really rich mask, its full of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, you open that up and you put like two thirds of that all over your face and your neck and your dcollet and you rub it in a little bit just let it sit there and after a few minutes you refresh it with the rest of it thats in the packet where it start to get dry on your face and after about 10 minutes remove it with a warm damp wash cloth. Make sure its completely off your face and then you take the last little quarter bit of the hyaluronic acid and you top off your face and your neck and your dcollet and youre done. You can go in to your own moisturizer if you want or some people dont have to most people dont have to. Most people do this at night when theyre relaxed, they do it in the bathtub or they do it before a big date, important date. Young girls want to look really cool for their boyfriends and they want their make up to go on well. Did you ever notice that sometimes when you put your make up on it flakes around your nose?

Q: Oh Gosh! Yessss.

A: This would prevent that. So before any important event its a good thing to do or even if youre just a lovely busy mother and housewife and you want to look great when you pick your kids up from school or when your husband comes home from work. Its a way to really look refreshed and turn back the clock. Millennials dont have to worry about turning back the clock but they do have to worry about the makeup thats clinging to the side of their nose and this peel really takes it away.


Susan 27

For the Love of Avocados

Is avocado making a name for itself or what? Listed as one of the top skin care trends for 2017, could it be the new coconut oil? Probably not, as each has their own separate benefits but there are major brownie points to eating avocado and applying the oil topically. The craze of the benefits of avocado oil are all over the internet, an obscene amount of hashtags mentioned on Twitter and Instagram, and let’s not forget the DIYer’s adding it to their at-home face masks.

Here’s the 4-1-1, the secret of this little fruit’s success is in the oil, about 77% of an avocado’s overall caloric composition (the more ideal the nutritional composition of a food, the more valuable it is as a source of calories), and avocado my friends is very valuable. Avocado is a nutrient-dense food, which means all the good stuff is packed together.

There are a many benefits to applying avocado oil, here are a few:

  1. Strengthens the Skin– Let’s just say it’s a super-food for your skin. By moisturizing it into the skin it boost’s the ability to generate more cells, stronger cells that is. There are 3 primary skin-feeding nutrients which are vitamin E, potassium, and lecithin. They are all easily absorbed where they provide energy for the growth and health of new skin as well as strengthening existing cells.
  2. Detoxification– Did you know avocado oil is LOADED with chlorophyll, you know, a natural source of magnesium? Which, in fact, is one of the best-known natural substances for removing heavy metals like mercury and lead from the liver, kidneys, brain, and other organs in the body.
  3. Highest in Vitamin E: This fat-soluble and powerful antioxidant vitamin is known for improving skin and eye health, providing defense against oxidative damage to cells caused by free-radicals.
  4. Oleic Acid– Oleic acid is known to have positive effects throughout the body. It can lower the risk of some cancers, prevent flare-ups of certain auto-immune diseases, speed cell regeneration, aid the body in eliminating microbial infections, and help reduce inflammation inside and out.

Keeping the benefits in mind there are two Susan Ciminelli products that contain avocado oil. Our Cleansing Milk is a super light-weight aroma therapeutic milky cleanser used for removing makeup and daily impurities. Our Body Buff, a full body scrub, leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and soft. The Dead Sea salts gently exfoliate while the essential oils replenish moisture into the skin and repair damage caused by stress and harsh environments. While these products contain Avocado oil, it works to bring rich anti-aging nutrients into the skin while soothing, unclogging pores, and promoting a radiant skin tone.

Crystal Healing


With the beginning of a new year, it’s the perfect time to prioritize our health and well-being with the use of crystals. Crystals help move energy through the body, which can leave skin looking radiant. Below are some crystals that may be valuable to you in the new year:

Amethyst – Develops intuition and awareness; facilitates meditation
Agate- Promotes courage, confidence, and strength; known as “warrior stone”
Carnelian- Enhances creativity, sexuality, and vitality
Emerald- Brings harmony to all areas of life; stone of loyalty and compassion
Garnet- Induces romance, love, and self-confidence
Jade-Inspires ambition; helps create physical prosperity and well-being
Labradorite- Reduces stress; protects one’s aura
Malachite- Releases suppressed emotions; facilitates insights and transformation
Rose quartz- Opens the heart for love and friendship; provides nurturing, comforting energy and inner peace
Selenite-Stimulates brain activity; activates spirituality
Black tourmaline- Provides protection; grounding stone

Inside the Beauty Clinic, Susan Ciminelli offers a sixty-minute Guided Color Meditation and Crystal Healing. During this session, Susan places crystals on the areas most beneficial to your aura and uses a guided color meditation to remove negative energy and increase energy in the chakras of the body. Susan’s insightful coaching will leave you feeling serene and enlivened. Available upon request.

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Published on January 10, 2017 by Susan Ciminelli

Susan at the Buffalo Club in March

Susan will be bringing beauty to her hometown of Buffalo, NY once more as she’ll return to host another exclusive event at the prestigious Buffalo Club next month. She will be giving members expert holistic health, beauty, wellness and nutrition advice for glowing skin from the inside out and how to bring balance to the body. Additionally, she will be offering signature treatments at their luxurious spa from Friday, March 11th through Monday, March 14th. Utilizing her natural skincare products with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Susan infuses even the driest, weather-beaten skin with hydration. Her unrivaled approach to skincare is epitomized by her European-style Anti-Aging Facials, as clients are constantly astounded with their results after just one session.

With gratitude,

The Ciminelli Team

Buffalo Club

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Published on February 10, 2016 by Susan Ciminelli

Susan’s Miami Trip

Your favorite bi-coastal beauty expert is traveling back to the Sunshine State! From Thursday, October 15th through Saturday, October 31st, Susan will be working at Susan Ciminelli of Miami providing her signature skin-nourishing services. One session with Susan and you’ll see instant results for glowing skin and improvement in your skin’s health. Her European style facials are unmatched anywhere else, each treatment customized to fit your unique skin needs. With nearly 35 years of experience in the industry and treating the elite, Susan has perfected her practice incorporating thorough massage and specializing in extractions and anti-aging techniques.

Appointments at Susan Ciminelli of Miami are available with Susan upon request and her highly trained estheticians. All appointments are booked through Samy’s Beauty Lounge by calling our shared line (305) 220-7269. If that line cannot be reached, please call (305) 741-8604 to schedule.

Located at:

8250 SW 40th St.

Miami, FL 33155

Miami Slide 10.01.15

With gratitude,

The Ciminelli Team


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Published on October 6, 2015 by Susan Ciminelli

Susan Ciminelli of Miami Grand Opening

The wait is over – the doors of Susan Ciminelli of Miami are officially open for business! In addition to New York, Los Angeles and our nationwide partnerships, Susan is now bringing the same passion and unique approach to holistic health and wellness to the Sunshine State. Located on 8250 SW 40th St. in South Miami near Coral Gables, this beautiful new spa features the same Susan Ciminelli signature services, luxurious, prestige skincare products, and more. Longtime favorite treatments include Anti-Aging Facials, Deep Pore Cleansing Facials, Hydradermabrasion Facials, Oxygen Mist, Body Wraps, Reflexology, Nutritional Guidance, French Waxing and Tinting. New additions include a custom peel developed by Susan that is a blend of lactic acid and salicylic acid, G99 Subdermal Therapy Treatment to alleviate cellulite, and a range of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments such as Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Removal.

Appointments at Susan Ciminelli of Miami are available with Susan’s highly trained estheticians and with the beauty expert herself upon request. All appointments will be booked through Samy’s Beauty Lounge by calling shared line (305) 220-7269. Two famous names in the beauty industry with individual service space in the same vicinity, Susan has excitedly collaborated with celebrity hairdresser Samy whose company offers high-end salon services.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Susan Ciminelli of Miami, please call Susan Ciminelli Beauty Clinic at (212) 750-4441. Whether you are a loyal Susan Ciminelli client in the Florida area, or seeking a glowing complexion from rejuvenating skin and body treatments like you’ve never experienced before, we welcome you to our newest location!


Susan Ciminelli of Miami

8250 SW 40th St.

Miami, FL 33155

Susan Ciminelli of Miami Collage

With gratitude,

The Ciminelli Team

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Published on September 3, 2015 by Susan Ciminelli

Susan’s Appearance on Fox News

Susan on Fox Newz
Some of you might know that I made an appearance on Fox News yesterday! I was featured in Gretchen Carlson’s segment called “The Real Story” where she invites a few experts to come and speak about a hot topic in current events. Yesterday’s topic was the Sony hacking and their new film The Interview, which has been pulled from theaters entirely. Due to the segment’s time constraints, and the news about Alan Gross being freed from the Cuban government, I was unable to fully express my opinion on this topic. I want to share my thoughts with you now.

I believe in freedom of speech; it is one of the greatest things about being an American and what distinguishes our country from those that aren’t free. With that being said, people and especially those in Hollywood need to understand that all of their actions have consequences. And all of these consequences have an effect on the entire country and on U.S. culture. To incite an unstable and erratic individual is not a wise thing to do, as we can see from the response to this whole ordeal. It’s one thing to exercise freedom of speech, but it’s something entirely different to spoof on a controversial, global issue.

On another note, I want to share some other exciting news with you. Tomorrow at 11:24am I will be on the Women’s Radio Network, which is an online radio platform especially for women’s voices to be expressed and heard. They will interview me about my expertise in health, beauty and wellness. Tune in tomorrow to hear my best rejuvenation tips!



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Published on December 18, 2014 by Susan Ciminelli

Add Healthy Root Vegetables to Your Diet this Fall

Root Veggies


It is always important to eat fresh produce that is in season. In the fall, root vegetables are abundant in grocery stores and they have so many health benefits. They are easy to prepare and are so delicious and good for you. Fall is the perfect time to add more root veggies to your diet; the weather is getting colder and we need to give our immune systems the boost that they need to keep our bodies healthy during cold and flu season.

Root vegetables, such as turnips, beets, sweet potatoes and parsnips are packed with the vitamins and minerals needed to support a healthy immune system. They contain lots of fiber which helps your digestive system, and vitamin A which supports the health of your eyes, bones and teeth. Many root veggies are also loaded with potassium which keeps your heart and other muscles working properly, as well as vitamin C which is crucial for fighting off illnesses. Additionally, root vegetables have many anti-inflammatory properties; this benefits every organ system in your body. For the skin, root veggies help create more collagen and may even get rid of Rosacea.

These veggies are delicious simply roasting them with olive oil, herbs and a dash of salt & pepper. Low in calories & sugar, they are the perfect addition to any meal!


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Published on November 7, 2014 by Susan Ciminelli
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