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  • Full Size (Pump Top) - 8oz 
  • Full Size (Spray Top) - 8oz 
  • Travel Size - 2oz (-$93.75)

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For everyone who wants the famous Susan Ciminelli Glow

Jennifer Lopez credits her famous glow to Susan's Algae Deep Cleanse, Marine Lotion and Special Reserve Cream.

TRUE STORY: You told me I could give up foundation if I used Marine Lotion consistently. I didn't believe you, but you were right! I'm washing with Algae Deep Cleanse and using Marine Lotion afterward, and I can't believe the difference in my skin. You also told me it would reduce my stretch marks. I haven't tried that yet but now that I see the difference it made on my face, I'm going to try it on my body. Thank you Susan so much!
Caroline A, Travers City, MI

A key ingredient in the "Ciminelli Glow," as dubbed by The New York Times, Susan Ciminelli Marine Lotion provides full body skin nourishment.  Praised by the stars, this anti-aging, skin-nourishing solution has been described as a beauty miracle.  


Marine Lotion gently hydrates, nourishes, and helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines.  You will feel the difference the first time you use it and see how it makes your skin glow.  Use it every day and you will soon be able to skip your foundation.  This miracle elixir can also be used to reduce stretch marks and cellulite on your body. 

Use Marine Lotion under your moisturizer anywhere on your body and face for a beauty boost.  Shake well before use, for the potency of the essential oils causes them to rise to the top.

Full Size: 8 fl. oz. glass bottle with pump - $125.00
Travel Size: 2 fl. oz. plastic spray travel bottle - $31.25

WORKS GREAT WITH: Algae Deep Cleanse for face, Body Buff for body


Algae Oil:
Earth's most nourishing clock-stopper





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