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True Story: I missed using my Seawater for a couple of days when I forgot to pack it on a trip, and I started seeing fine lines around my mouth. As soon as I started using Susan's Seawater again, the lines disappeared!
...Elizabeth C, Buffalo NY

Life first formed in the sea, making seawater one of the most potent and life-giving substances on earth.

Naturally loaded with nourishing trace elements and minerals, Susan's slightly desalinated, purified seawater is a true beauty miracle.

By itself it is a natural astringent. Used in combination with the Essential Oil formula for your skin type, it's like a turbo beauty boost. It hydrates the skin and allows the essential oils to penetrate, giving you more potent and longer lasting benefits.

Spray it on after cleansing and applying essential oils and watch the clock turn back! Be sure to avoid the eye area when applying.

WORKS GREAT WITH: Essential Oil for your skin type: Hydrating Formula, Toning Formula, Oil Control Formula, Sensitive Skin Formula.


Purified seawater:
Nourishes, hydrates

Pine Bark:
Potent antioxidant

European Sea Salt:

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