Summer Essentials


Set Includes:
SPF 30 Sunscreen (3.3 oz)
Marine Lotion (2 oz)
Seawater (2 oz)
Body Silk (4 oz)

Our lightweight SPF 30 Sunscreen is amazingly powerful at fighting  the harmful rays of the sun. It totally slips into the skin and doesn't cause break outs or clogged pores. 

Your skin will glow with daily use of Marine Lotion, our luxurious, skin boosting, anti-aging serum that provides head to toe nourishment.

Our Seawater is an antioxidant-rich beauty potion with natural trace minerals to stimulate collagen growth. It restores skin cells to their youth, hydrates and naturally balances the skin. 

Body Silk is a lightweight lotion fortified with skin-loving nutrients and antioxidants to hydrate, soften, balance, and brighten the skin's appearance and tone. Like the finest silk pajamas, this full-body moisturizer floods the skin and leaves every inch of you feeling sexy and velvety.


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