The Beginning

In 1985 I created a skincare regimen for the entire body with my proprietary blends of essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, which were truly unique to the beauty industry.

I specialize in holistic health and beauty, and my products reflect that. The Susan Ciminelli product line includes:

At-home beauty treatments (which are revolutionary)

Spa Treatments for slimming, wellness, and beauty in the privacy of your own home.

Celebrity Clientele

In 1989 we moved into our spa on Madison Avenue. It was the most fabulous place in town. 

I worked on Fortune 500 company wives and provided services for the designers who created for Ralph Lauren. Celebrities and Movie Stars I worked with included:

Al Pacino

Lauren Hutton

Steve Gutenberg

John Cusack

Sigourney Weaver

Cindy Crawford

Naomi Campbell

Christy Turlington

Stephanie Seymour

Designer Adrianne Vittadini

Though our Madison Avenue location was extraordinary, we eventually relocated because Armani net-leased the whole building. Although they tried to recruit us to come back in, we declined as they would not provide adequate signage outside the building. Concurrent with this location, I was recruited to Barney's on Madison Avenue. However, it did not come to fruition because they went through Chapter 11. 

This opened up a beautiful opportunity connecting us with the executives at Bergdorf Goodman, who immediately sought to work with me. Bergdorf Goodman partnered with us and built a spa where we provided luxurious, holistic, natural spa and beauty services and products until the global economic crash in 2008.

Luxury Spa

In 2008 we were going strong in my first full-service 6000 sq. ft. spa that included unique one-on-one fitness training for health and beauty, as well as a boutique hair salon offering the most refined luxury hair treatments and services in New York City. This first spa was a one-stop destination for beauty from head to toe, inside and out.

Boutique Clinic

In 2012 we launched a small boutique beauty clinic on East 57th Street that specialized in our personalized beauty treatments for the skin using my proprietary blends of skin care products made exclusively for me by specialists worldwide since 1985.

2019 - Present

In 2019 we moved our business to Buffalo, New York to the Susan Naturally
Day Spa where I service clients from all over the country as well as
Toronto. Buffalo has an international clientele expecting the best and
they get more than expected from Susan Ciminelli spa treatments. Our
international mail order business is uninterrupted as we ship to all
parts of the globe from this new location.