Beachside Beauty Set

Guard your skin with a touch of glam

$162.00 $199.00


Get full-spectrum protection with the Beachside Beauty Set, where guarding your skin comes with a touch of glam. This collection is tailored to protect and pamper sensitive skin while adding a splash of color with your choice of Lipshine. Featuring a full-sized SPF, this set offers complete care, ensuring you look as radiant as you feel under the sun.

Full-sized SPF
Travel-sized Sensitive Skin Moisturizer
Travel-sized Sensitive Skin Formula
Lipshine (color choice)

All, sensitive

Sensitive Skin Moisturizer: Soothe and moisturize your skin with Sensitive Skin Moisturizer, tailored to reduce discomfort and enhance skin barrier function.

Sensitive Skin Formula: Double up on sensitive skin care with our extra-gentle formula, providing additional hydration and protection.

Lipshine: Add a touch of glamour and color with your favorite Lipshine, available in various shades to enhance your natural beauty while protecting your lips.

SPF: Enjoy long days in the sun worry-free with comprehensive SPF protection designed to shield sensitive skin from harmful rays.

  1. Apply Sensitive Skin Moisturizer to cleansed skin for gentle hydration.
  2. Layer Sensitive Skin Formula if additional moisture is needed.
  3. Apply the full-sized SPF to protect your skin from UV rays.
  4. Use your favorite Lipshine for a touch of color.
  5. Reapply as necessary for ultimate protection.


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