Skincare Starter Kit


The perfect travel size collection for those who are looking to start their healthy skincare journey from the first, to final step. 

Cleansing Gel hydrates as it cleanses, leaving the skin feeling refreshed. It can be used on face and body. It is even an effective make up remover as well.

Seawater is an antioxidant-rich beauty potion with natural trace minerals to stimulate collagen growth. It is an activating agent for essential oils, Seawater deepens their skin penetration, giving you optimal, longer lasting benefits.

Marine Lotion is an extremely rich and luxurious skin-anti-aging serum that provides head to toe nourishment. Praised by the stars, this miracle elixir awakens and softens the skin, prevents wrinkles and fine lines, and even reduces cellulite and stretch marks.

Hydrating Formula has moisturizing and aromatherapeutic benefits of this blend are deeply hydrating. Fine lines around the eye and lip area diminish as Hydrating Formula plumps the skin.

Revitalizing Sensitive Skin Moisturizer is a super-light cream hydrates and nourishes sensitive skin. It easily penetrates the skin leaving you with a dewy complexion. It is expertly blended with antioxidants to calm irritation and stimulate collagen production. Can be used day and night.

For more information and usage tips for each product, please click the following: Cleansing Gel , Seawater , Marine Lotion , Hydrating Formula , Revitalizing Sensitive Skin Moisturizer


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