Daily Defense Trio

Protect and rejuvenate your skin

$195.00 $230.00

Unveil the power of perfect protection with our Daily Defense Trio, a meticulously curated skincare set designed to shield, hydrate, and enhance your skin. Each product in this trio works harmoniously to provide comprehensive care, ensuring your skin looks and feels its absolute best.

SPF 30 Sunscreen - 3.3 fl. oz
Power C Moisturizer - 2.5 fl. oz.
Seawater Spray - 8 fl. oz.


SPF 30 Sunscreen: Offers broad-spectrum protection against UV rays while nourishing the skin with essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Power C Moisturizer: A lightweight, citrus-infused moisturizer that not only hydrates but also brightens, thanks to its high Vitamin C content.

Seawater Spray: Rich in trace minerals, this refreshing spray revitalizes skin cells, restoring balance and hydration for a youthful glow.

1. Apply SPF 30 generously to your face and neck every morning after cleansing. Reapply every two hours if exposed to the sun.

2. After applying sunscreen, gently massage a small amount of Power C Moisturizer onto your face and neck. For best results, use it both morning and night.

3. Mist the Seawater Spray over your face anytime during the day to refresh and hydrate your skin. Use as needed for an instant boost.


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