Skin Repair Package


Repair your skin with our infamous pore cleansing trio.

Seawater is an antioxidant-rich beauty potion with natural trace minerals to stimulate collagen growth. It is an activating agent for essential oils, Seawater deepens their skin penetration, giving you optimal, longer lasting benefits.

Pore Minimizing Cleanser contains antiseptic and antimicrobial properties to prevent and rapidly heal acne breakouts. This powerful cleanser helps to enhance skin cell turnover through gentle exfoliation while toning the skin and keeping it tight.

Pore Minimizing Face Mask is an ultra soothing face mask containing both camphor and zinc, helps to tighten pores, draw out impurities on the skin, absorb excess oils and stimulate circulation. 

For more information and usage tips for each product, please click the following:  Pore Minimizing Cleanser , Seawater ,  Pore Minimizing Face Mask


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