Smooth Skin Bundle

Cleansing Gel & Seawater Spray

$90.00 $105.00

Cleansing Gel and Seawater Spray form the ultimate skincare duo, working together to revitalize your skin. Cleansing Gel ensures a refreshing and hydrating cleanse, preparing your skin for Seawater Spray's antioxidant-rich formula designed to rejuvenate your skin, stimulate collagen growth, and help you maintain a healthy, balanced complexion. These products together offer a complete skincare experience, leaving you with skin that feels revitalized and nourished.


Purified Seawater: This ingredient is a multitasker that moisturizes and nourishes your skin while acting as a gentle antiseptic, ensuring your skin stays healthy and balanced.

Pine Bark Extract: A robust antioxidant, it protects your skin from the damage caused by free radicals while also reducing inflammation, contributing to calm and resilient skin.

Seaweed Extract: This natural wonder not only boosts skin hydration but also enriches it with essential minerals and trace elements, promoting overall skin health and vitality.


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