Soothing Sea Set

Sensitive skin relief, naturally

$173.00 $213.00


Discover the Soothing Sea Set, crafted for sensitive skin that craves gentle, natural relief. This collection blends soothing hydration with essential sun protection, tailored specifically for delicate skin types. Enjoy the calming benefits of our all-natural essential oils and serums, complemented by SPF 30 to shield against the sun's rays. Perfect for maintaining a healthy, calm complexion wherever your travels take you.

Full-sized SPF
Travel-sized Sensitive Skin Formula
Travel-sized Seawater
Travel-sized Marine Lotion


Sensitive Skin Formula: Gently nurture and protect your sensitive skin with our specially formulated Sensitive Skin Formula, designed to reduce irritation and enhance comfort.

Seawater: Balance and refresh your skin with a hydrating burst of Seawater, perfect for soothing sensitive skin.

Marine Lotion: Deliver lightweight, soothing hydration with Marine Lotion, specifically designed to keep skin smooth and nourished.

SPF: Give your skin the gentle protection it needs with our specially formulated SPF, ideal for sensitive skin seeking robust sun defense.

  1. Gently apply Sensitive Skin Formula to cleansed face and neck.
  2. Spritz Seawater on your face for a soothing hydration boost.
  3. Layer on Marine Lotion to reinforce moisture.
  4. Finish with SPF to protect sensitive skin from the sun.
  5. Reapply as necessary for ultimate protection.


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