Anti-Aging Skincare Tips for Men to Look Younger and Sexier

A Simple, Easy Skincare Routine for Men Who Want a Healthy, Vibrant, Younger Appearance. 

Men who are taught that beauty and skincare are feminine concerns and that they should let themselves “grow old gracefully”, are waking up to the fact that they can look so much younger, fresher, and more radiant. They become more confident. Starting the journey is easy. The results are quick.

“As a man, what’s a simple skincare routine to help me look younger, more attractive, and feel better about myself?”

Men who want to look younger, refreshed, and rejuvenated should not only choose a great, natural skincare routine, they need to attack it from the inside out. Eating a healthy diet with organic veggies, low glycemic berries, grass fed proteins, wild-caught fish, nuts, and seeds, and drinking enough water throughout the day, is a great start for recharging your internal battery. The three core causes of premature aging, which shows in your skin, are diet and lifestyle habits, grooming habits, and personal self-care habits. The Ciminelli Solution that follows will improve the appearance of a man’s skin in a short timeframe.

Men's Skincare Advice by Celebrity Beauty Consultant Susan Ciminelli

As a professional beauty and skincare consultant to famous and influential figures, like Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Donald Sutherland, John Cusack, Rob Lowe, and more. So, guys, you are in good company.

Male Beauty is Obtained at a Price Worth Paying.

What men want is to feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror. It gives them the confidence they need in the workplace and in their personal lives. When men see examples of so-called role models of masculinity on screen, they can observe what the media and society consider good-looking. 

Men typically shower and shave and pretty much stop there. But if they take a few extra steps, that take less than a minute to complete, the amazing results will be staring them in the face in the mirror every single day.

Take Care From the Inside Out

The thing that carries the same weight in both male and female beauty standards is the condition and appearance of one’s body, as well as their skin. 

Even though aging is often associated with the beauty of wisdom, the truth is that aging skin makes men look older, tired, and worn out. Men don’t like seeing that in the mirror, no matter how ‘manly’ they are. If you want to appear younger, more virile, and full of life, you are seconds away from achieving this. 

Men's Skincare Starts from the Inside Out by Susan Ciminelli, Celebrity Beauty Consultant

The first step you need to take in putting a halt to premature aging is to stop eating processed foods, greasy fried foods, and processed foods filled with artificial ingredients. This way of eating just makes you break out, causes dark circles under your eyes, gives you large pores, and zaps your energy.

Since your skin is an eliminatory organ and is a way for your body to release toxins through its surface, it serves as an indicator as to the kind of foods you put into your system. When your skin breaks out and  looks dull, lifeless, and dry - or greasy, - it’s telling you to reverse course. So, a change in your diet and lifestyle will help you live a healthier and more energetic life. 

In my book, The Ciminelli Solution - A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin, I passionately lay out a plan for using your pantry as the foundation for foolproof health and wellness, beautiful skin is your reward. The trends are changing. Farm-to-table is becoming more popular. People have been eating this way for thousands of years in Europe and America is finally starting to catch on.

  • Eat naturally. Organic, pesticide-free low glycemic fruits and vegetables are a godsend for healthier skin. The earth contains all the nutrients and trace minerals necessary to help you achieve health and wellness and revive your entire body, pulling it back from the precipice of unhealthy, premature aging.

  • Be careful. Processed foods are always devoid of natural nutrients, packed with salts and sugars, and chemical dyes. Move away from processed foods and start cooking healthy, nutritious meals with real, natural ingredients.
  • Cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco products age your skin. If it harms the body, get it out of your life. Smoking is a deadly habit that science has proven is dangerous beyond all doubt.

  • Excessive sun and ultraviolet exposure. As much as we all love the sun and the look of a rich, golden tan, the fact is that ultraviolet radiation from the sun causes cancer and is harmful if abused. You’ve probably seen the damage that overexposure to the sun and environmental contaminants in the air does to a man’s skin as he ages. The last thing you want is leathery, dry skin.

      Mindful Eating: Relax before eating for better digestion

      Stop eating on the go when your body is in “Fight or Flight” mode. It is impossible to digest your food when you eat when stressed or on the go. Again, I defer to Europe. They relax when eating their meals and they are healthier because of it. Chewing your food properly is so important for proper digestion.

      Because you’re not tense, you’ll find it easier just to put your fork down and back away from the table without feeling a sense of loss that keeps most people putting food they don’t need into their bodies. When your mealtimes are both mentally and physically fulfilling, you feel better.

      Develop a Self-Care Routine that Lowers Stress.

      Stress busters are becoming the norm now. Calming baths, exercise, yoga, meditation, and going for long walks in nature all contribute to your overall mental and physical health. 

      Men's Skincare Requires Stress Reduction & Relaxation - Susan Ciminelli Skincare Advice

      The condition of your mind - the nature and experience of your dominant thoughts, attitudes, and moods, all have an impact on you. Your skin looks haggard when you are not at your best. 

      When the mind is agitated, stressed, and overworked, the strain pumps your body full of stress hormones that have a negative impact mentally and physically.

      Learn to Calm Your Mind Throughout the Day. 

      I am an enthusiastic proponent of meditation and mindfulness as a way to build a habit of daily mental serenity that spreads to every area of your life.

      These disciplines take time, but the mere act of trying can make a huge difference for you and set you on a better destiny that you didn’t necessarily expect.

      Try deep breathing techniques if you become stressed throughout the day. The positive effect is immediate.

      Use Only Natural, Organic, Clean, and Healthy Skincare Products.

      As a professional consultant to stars and celebrities, I have built a line of healthy, natural skincare products perfectly designed to bring out the youthful appearance hiding beneath prematurely aging skin. No matter which products you choose to get the exact result you desire, you can't lose. 

      Feel free to peruse and choose the right skincare products such as

      If you have any questions about your routine, I am more than happy to assist with an answer.

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