Eat Organic Foods for Radiant Skin and Good Health

Know the difference between locally grown and organic produce.

Enhance your health and beauty by eating organic, farm-fresh fruits, and veggies. Don't be fooled by the "eat locally grown" movement. It does not matter how fresh produce is if it is sprayed with pesticides. Pesticides can cause cancer as well as a host of health and beauty issues.

Take charge of your immune system and health.

2020 has shown us how important it is for us to care for our bodies and strengthen our immune systems. A diet rich in antioxidants and nutrients, moderate exercise, and high-quality sleep will fortify your immune system for the Fall and Winter seasons ahead.

When planning a meal, make sure it is as colorful as possible. Vegetables come in all colors. The larger the variety, the healthier it is. Colorful veggies contain high levels of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and vitamins and minerals that help to prevent many serious diseases and, of course, contribute to healthy skin. They are also typically low in calories and very filling, so they're excellent for the waistline as well!

You should always choose foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients, but especially as we are nearing winter. Include plenty of Vitamin C in your diet to bolster your immune system, prevent cancer and other diseases, and attain beautiful skin. 

Top Ten Vitamin C-Rich Foods

  • Guava - 377 mg/cup
  • Kiwi - 167 mg/cup
  • Bell Peppers - 152 mg/cup
  • Strawberries - 98 mg/cup 
  • Oranges - 96 mg/cup 
  • Papaya - 88 mg/cup 
  • Broccoli - 81 mg/cup 
  • Tomato - 55 mg/cup 
  • Snow Peas - 38 mg/cup 
  • Kale - 23 mg/cup 

For more health tips and recipes, consult Susan's book "The Ciminelli Solution." Susan shows how eating certain foods gives skin renewed vitality and beauty and explains what to eat - and what foods to avoid - to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion. 


Susan's book shows how eating certain foods gives skin renewed vitality, and beauty and strengthens the immune system for a glowing complexion and a healthy body. 

Susan's philosophy as stated in her book "The Ciminelli Solution" approaches skincare from the inside out, combining health and beauty suggestions to bring the mind, body, and soul into balance resulting in flawless skin.



Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae contains essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids to remineralize the system and strengthen the immune system. 

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