Getting Back into the Skincare Routine

I noticed during the pandemic that the patterns of clients' and customers' skincare habits changed dramatically. Many people have become lax and don't perform their daily and nightly skincare regimen with frequency. This is how the skin ages very rapidly. Before you know it, you have breakouts, large pores, and dehydrated skin with premature wrinkling.

One way to stop this is to use the 123 Glow Kit regularly. At $29.99, this is an affordable kit that you use in the privacy of your home to provide your skin with a serious professional skincare treatment with very noticeable results. The kit contains a professional-grade peel, a powerful serum, and an incredible anti-aging mask. It is made for men and women, for all skin types. I highly suggest it.

Here are some of my other favorite skincare tips for beauty and wellness.

Drink at least ½ ounce of water per pound that you weigh every day. After you perform your oral hygiene in the morning, drink a glass of water with the juice of ½ fresh organic lemon added to it. This is very cleansing for you internally. A few times a week, add one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to deepen the cleansing effect.

Make sure you wash your face in the morning with a gentle cleanser, such as my Algae Deep Cleanse, which removes your dead skin cell build-up. Wash with warm water, rinse with cool water, then pat dry with a clean towel and follow your skincare regimen. It takes a few minutes for my skincare regimen to be absorbed fully before applying any makeup. You will notice that when using my skincare regimen, your skin looks so good you don't need to cover it up with foundation.

Exercise is excellent for your skin. When you increase your circulation through aerobic exercise, your oxygenated blood feeds your cells from head to toe, and your complexion becomes more radiant. After a good workout, at least a few times a week, it is good to use my Sea Clay Mask all over your face to tighten your pores and remove impurities. Afterward, just continue with your regular skincare routine.

Taking a good multivitamin/mineral daily is always a good idea for insurance. Make sure you also continue to take 500 mg of Ester C (vitamin C) at least 2 – 3 different times a day. This is great for collagen production, is anti-inflammatory, and helps heal the skin from within. Take 5000 IUs of vitamin D3 and K for proper absorption to help prevent breakouts and certain types of cancer. Chelated Zinc is excellent for you to take daily as well. Zinc is ideal for your immune system as well as your skin. It is best to take it at least 1 hour before meals or a few hours after. Only take about 25 mg of Zinc a day unless a doctor advises you differently. Other supplements are great for you to take daily, but you need to consult a professional for proper guidance for your specific needs.

Sleep is essential for health and beauty. Meditation helps put you into a deep sleep state when your body repairs itself on a cellular level. It is good to meditate before bedtime. YouTube has several options that make it easy to listen to beautiful, relaxing meditative music. It helps you slip deeply into sleep, where your best beauty rest begins.

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