Spring Cleaning for Body and Mind

Spring is the promise of new beginnings. It is an excellent time to develop good health habits. If you do, you are guaranteed a more beautiful complexion and a more beautiful body. In the spring, the liver naturally eliminates waste from your body. It is an excellent time to help your liver detox by drinking dandelion/milk thistle tea daily. Eating a lot of fresh, dark green leafy vegetables helps aid the liver, which can quickly help with reversing rosacea and weight loss.

I have recently embarked on a drastic weight loss journey, which means I need to take extra care of my skin as my body changes. I dry brush my body daily to increase my circulation. It creates hyperemia, which is a reddening of the skin. Dry brushing aids in lymphatic drainage and reduces the appearance of cellulite. After my skin is sufficiently red from dry brushing, I apply a generous amount of Marine Lotion, followed by Body Silk, and top off with the Luscious Body Butter. This routine ensures my skin will not develop stretch marks and stay firm as the inches melt away.

It is hard for humans to create new habits. However, the health and beauty benefits are worth it. I keep my eye on the prize of my target weight, making it easier for me to stay focused and diligent. If I get hungry, I pop a few of my Blue-Green Algae Pills to feed my body the super nutrients it needs to keep my energy levels up. I am still happily working full time, and as soon as I walk in the door at home, I start cooking dinner for my amazing and lovely husband and me. My days are long, and I need stamina.

As a holistic skincare specialist, I am amazed at how difficult it is for people to take better care of themselves from the inside out and with proper skincare. Clients always comment on how beautiful my skin is, and I tell them it takes less than a minute in the morning and evening for me to do my skincare routine. Everyone is worth a minute or two of time to further their beauty, right?

Lately, I have been doing a lot of zoom and face time consultations with clients near and far to help them with their skin issues. If anyone is interested, please call 716-398-5250 to set up an appointment. The information that I provide is life-altering in every way.

On another very important and serious note, I have been praying for peace on earth, peace in Ukraine, peace in the Middle East, and peace in the US. Sending love to people around the world is tangible. Peace starts from within each person. To achieve inner peace, I chant, pray, and meditate daily. It makes me so happy, grounded, and centered. I highly recommend it to all who are interested in finding inner peace. It is contagious, helps bring love into your life, and makes people want to be near you. Peace and harmony also contribute to health, wellness, and beauty.

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Hello Susan, I am so excited to have found you. I’m only on page 43 of our book and have incorporated gel cleansing instead of soap. It will be hard to make a complete switch since i love natural soap. My daughter makes wonderful soap too, :-) There’s just something about a bar and the lather it creates on a wash cloth.

I recently attended a seminar by Dr. Larkin (drlarkin@msmedicine.com) She is the founder of Ms.Medicine which is a promoter for women’s health in the medical field. I too was disappointed to get the briefing on wine, since i enjoy it with my dinner. Heck I was brought up in a family that enjoyed wine making. Was always told it was healthy for you.

I want to thank you for your book. I feel a kindredness to you & your believes. I skimmed through the book &
of course will go back and read page for page. We hold the same values and it so refreshing that a professional can stand behind their believes when it comes to common sense of living a healthy life and to share it with the world. God Bless you.

I am happy to hear of your zoom consultations. I look forward to meeting you. I’m 68 and in real need of skin direction. My skin seems to have become very sensitive. I know there’s a simple and effective approach to aging skin care but its hard to find a professional that follows that route. I always wonder how women such a Lauren Hutton at age 78 remain so vibrant and beautiful. My two grandmothers never did anything to their skin, like microdermabrasion, Botox & fillers and I felt they were beautiful just the way they were. Not sure how I was convinced that this was the way to go but I’m guilty and looking for a better healthier approach.

I love the recipes in your book. I have made my own body cream in the past and facial cleansers and masks and have enjoyed doing so. I am happy to learn of your homemade spa recipes and will give them a try.

Thank you,

Debra Ann Tagliaferro July 08, 2022
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