The Truth About Retinols

Welcome to the beautiful month of September. I hope everyone had a great summer with family and friends. A lot has happened this summer between the weather, politics and the continual nagging Covid floating around.

It is important to take your health very seriously now more than ever. Take simple steps to health and wellness both by eliminating processed foods and beverages and eating foods that boost your immune system while contributing to beautiful skin from the inside out.

Using Retinols in Your Skincare Treatment

I am always amazed when I meet new clients at how they take their skin and health for granted. As far as your skin is concerned, don’t believe the myths about using retinols.

I have never seen a beautiful, luscious complexion when someone uses straight retinols on their skin to remove wrinkles, tighten and tone.

Using straight retinols leaves your skin tough, dry, and irritated. I do have a bit of retinol in my Very Berry Serum, but it is enveloped in the most luxurious, natural antioxidants on the planet, quite literally.

The Very Berry Serum is loaded with the most powerful natural berries such as acai, algae extract, vitamins, and other nutrients that the skin is hungry and thirsty for.

  • Just add one drop of this powerful serum to your moisturizer day or night.
  • Blend the 2 together in the palm of your hand
  • Then, massage it into your skin all over your face and neck.

You will love the glow your skin will have. It will also extend your summer sun kissed skin coloring. One bottle will last you several months. The Very Berry Serum is a superfood for your skin externally and it is an important step in anti-aging. Any skin type can use this nourishing non-greasy serum.

PRO TIP: Use this serum with any of our moisturizers to enhance your results!

Boosting Your Immune System and Health Internally

Internally, if you eat daily a bowl of blueberries mixed with kiwi, chopped walnuts, a touch of cinnamon, and a splash of fresh lemon juice this will certainly boost your immune system and help you turn back the clock at the same time.

I don’t get to see my relatives often in Buffalo where I now live. The last time I saw one of my aunts at a family picnic, she was amazed at how I looked for my age. She said there is just something about my appearance and energy level that does not belie my age. I attribute this to my diet, lifestyle and my 2 minute a day skincare routine, morning and evening.

  1. I make sure every day I eat healthy protein, organic vegetables, and low glycemic fruit.

  2. I drink strong Matcha green tea blended with hibiscus flowers and take some vitamins.

  3. I exercise daily, meditate daily for mental and emotional stability, and maintain a healthy positive attitude.

  4. I also make sure I drink the right amount of filtered water, which is ½ ounce per pound that I weigh. In 2 of the 8-ounce glasses, I add the juice of ½ freshly squeezed lemon and one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar. This is great for weight control, toning the liver, and increasing my overall circulation in my body.
It also is very energizing for my digestion. Without proper digestion, you cannot absorb the nutrients from your food, and also won’t be able to eliminate the waste in your colon once or twice a day.

    To me, the glass is always half full. These simple tips will pay off and bring you love, peace, health and beauty. 

    As always, I send you love and light. Let’s make the world a better place starting with ourselves.

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